Industry 3D Configurators: New Interactive Demos From
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Industry 3D Configurators: New Interactive Demos From

After a successful year, our team at is thrilled to highlight the newest additions to our suite of interactive industry 3D configurators. Surprisingly, the start of the year saw huge demand for our cutting-edge virtual products that fuse design freedom with efficiency. We met that demand by crafting purpose-built 3D configurators, that help our clients design ideas come to life. We focused on the following 3D configurators:

  1. 3D Bathroom Configurator
  2. 3D Kitchen Configurator
  3. 3D Floor Configurator
  4. 3D Pergola Configurator
  5. 3D Door Configurator
  6. 3D Wardrobe Configurator

Each pairs modern and professional 3D renderings with smart features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) integration to enhance client vision and sales.

In this article, we’ll dive into detail on these latest configurators targeted at residential and commercial sectors, showcasing the capabilities that set our platform apart.

Every industry is unique

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to visualizing products and designs. Customization and accuracy matter in helping professionals sell their vision and streamline buyer experiences. Our industry 3D configurators empower simplicity and efficiency across sectors.

For bathrooms, virtualizing tiles, tubs, sinks, and lighting components with precise dimensions enables easier design experimentation. For example, kitchen clients can visualize cabinets, appliances, counters, and layout options in photorealistic detail. Furthermore, our configurators tackle flooring, and exterior upgrades like pergolas, all the way to storage necessities with doors and wardrobes as well. Check out more about our demo configurators and try them out:

The following sections will cover our tailored solutions for enhancing visualization and sales through immersive 3D for each of the demos.

1. Industry 3D Configurators: Bathroom

Our 3D Bathroom Configurator revolutionizes bathroom design and remodeling with real-time photorealistic visualization. Clients can accurately layout spaces and products thanks to 2D floorplanning integration. For example, choosing tiles, tubs, sinks, lighting, and accessories is intuitive through drag-and-drop 3D interactions. In fact, want to see that marble shower tile in different grout colors? Our configurator makes experimentation easy.

An integrated quoting system allows immediate pricing calculations as designs evolve and also quick email offers and replies. With AR support, customers can preview how products would fit and feel in their actual space. And our AI chatbots answer common questions, bringing more clarity and freeing up staff. Bathroom design is often emotionally driven, and our configurator turns dreams into visual reality while capturing business at the peak of excitement.

2. Industry 3D Configurators: Kitchen

Ready to remodel your kitchen or design your dream culinary space? Our 3D Kitchen Configurators let you easily mix and match components while our system automatically adjusts pricing. Choose from a multitude of realistic cabinet styles and experiment with different counter materials. Swap out appliances, fixtures, and flooring with a simple drag and drop. Lastly, our AI chatbot can explain the difference between a single or double basin sink.

Industry 3D Configurators - Kitchen Demo Example

Preview how a kitchen island would fit in your current layout through AR. Additionally, optimized backend admin tools help consultants manage multiple client projects smoothly. We understand that a huge number of product options and design specifics can be headache-inducing. Therefore, our elegant configurator simplifies the journey from idea to completed kitchen. In effect, staff save time by providing accurate quotes and walk customers through seamless virtualization for spaces that are hubs of homes and our lives.

3. Industry 3D Configurators: Floor

Our 3D Floor Configurator balances realistic visualization with customization tools optimized for the flooring industry. Selecting new floors is visual and tactile – you want to see the wood grains, stone textures, and ceramic shine before installation. Now you can examine those details up close across our library of quality materials. Lay out tile patterns or mix vinyl plank color palettes with drag-and-drop ease to match your space. Additionally, the integrated quoting tool tallies costs in real-time as you design, and provides accurate quotes. Lastly, staff can answer questions on care or maintenance through the AI chatbot feature as well.

Once happy with a choice, preview it full scale on your actual floor plan with AR capability. Coming soon is functionality to automatically calculate square footage and order materials tailored to each room’s dimensions. From start to finish, our configurator simplifies and visualizes the flooring journey so you can feel confident before purchasing.

4. Industry 3D Configurators: Pergola

Take your outdoor oasis to the next level with our 3D Pergola Configurator. Construct the pergola of your dreams with just a few clicks. After that, select from a variety of realistic materials like natural wood beams or sleek aluminum in customizable dimensions. Decide if you want to add shading panels or alternative roofing systems based on your climate needs. At last, envision draping vines or a full canopy of shade elements through our accessories library to complete the aesthetic. Our tool previews lighting integration for illuminating alfresco evenings too. Once designed, use AR to visualize exactly how your new pergola would enhance your deck, patio, or garden area.

Industry 3D Configurators - Pergola Demo Example

Change colors and materials rapidly through real-time rendering as ideas evolve. You can connect with our contractors for fabrication or utilize the CAD files for your own build needs. Outdoor upgrades require blending imagination with practical installation factors—our configurator guides you through the creative aspects while keeping engineering realism in focus. As we can see, our technology has the capability to be customized for different industry 3D configurators.

5. Industry 3D Configurators: Door

Doors dictate flow, function, and aesthetic impressions throughout a space. Our 3D Door Configurator empowers seamless customization so you can find the perfect doors for your needs. For example, mix and match designs, materials like wood or glass, hardware styles and colors across single doors, doubles, sliders, and more. Configuring a customized door for your space? Adjust dimensions and components in our intuitive editor. Want black handles instead of brushed nickel on your bedroom door? Our system automatically renders updates in real time. Use AR to preview doors in your actual space for easy size evaluation.

Our integrated systems can track what matters the most for your customers, and bring organization to your quotes through the admin dashboard. Whether are you looking at doors for a full remodel or a quick refresh, our configurator removes barriers so you can focus on finding pieces that complete your vision.

6. Industry 3D Configurators: Wardrobe

Our 3D Wardrobe Configurator reinvents closet design whether you’re tight on space or have room for a dream walk-in. Firstly, start by visualizing the layout – add modular pieces like shelves, drawers, and hanging racks scaled to your exact measurements. After that, tailor the frame, handle, and front materials from wood to laminate in whatever color fits your aesthetic. Lastly, configure a section with shoe racks or specialty trays for watches and jewelry and build a double hanging area for two, or maximize options for one.

Industry 3D Configurators - Wardrobe Demo Example

See your storage vision rendered in photorealistic 3D as you choose pieces. Our smart guides help optimize the flow and usage of the available area too. Any closet questions? Our AI chatbot has answers on cleaning, organization ideas, and more. Your customers can preview finished designs in their room with AR, and also contact you for customized designs and further installations.


At, we build the future of configurable product visualization one industry at a time. Our newest interactive industry 3D configurators showcase the innovation possible when empowering professionals and consumers to turn imagination into reality with speed and smart tools. Whether perfecting your dream renovation goals or unlocking workspace potentials, our solutions elevate efficiency and visioning power for key verticals. 2024 promises even more configurable magic as we continue expanding capabilities. From all of us, thank you for your partnership and trust as we transform visualization possibilities this coming year and beyond. The future is configurable, visual, and bright.

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