How to Automate Sales Quotes with 3D Product Configurators

Knowing how to automate and manage sales quotes accurately and efficiently is critical for companies selling customizable products. Therefore, relying on manual processes can lead to errors and delays. By implementing an automated 3D product configurator, businesses can streamline quoting to provide a better customer experience.

In this article, we’ll explore how a 3D configurator allows you to automate quotes, ensure consistency, gain insights, and ultimately sell more products by enabling customization.

1. Boost Consistency and Management by Automating Sales Quotes

Manually generating quotes leaves room for inconsistencies and errors across the quoting process. Subsequently, different sales reps may use varying pricing, forget to include certain options, or make math mistakes. A configurator centralizes quoting into a single system to ensure every generated quote follows the same rules and options. As customers self-serve quotes, consistency remains intact.

Automate Sales Quotes with Digitalization

The system also enables saving quote templates, tracking of quote history, and organization of sent quotes for easy reference later. Removing manual work to automate quoting not only minimizes errors but also facilitates management and savings of quotes for future needs.

2. Streamline Quote Generation through Automation

Manual quoting is time-consuming and inefficient. According to Salesforce, salespeople only spend 28% of their week doing actual selling. Most of their time is taken up by other tasks, such as managing deals and entering data. They must re-enter specifications, calculate pricing, and reformat quotes for each new customer request. We can automate sales quotes with a 3D configurator for a significantly accelerated process. Customers can self-generate quotes 24/7 based on configuration options, with pricing calculated in real time. Lastly, the system can instantly email completed quotes, avoiding delays.

Streamline Quote Generation through Automation

Even for sales-assisted quotes, reps simply review and send system-generated quotes with a few clicks. Above all, the automation enables the production and delivery of quotes rapidly, leading to faster customer purchases. Supercharged speed gets your quotes in customers’ hands when they’re ready to buy.

3. Automate Sales Quotes to Reduce Overhead Costs

According to Aberdeen, the top salespeople send about 26 or more price offers to possible buyers every week. Relying on manual quoting with sales reps results in greater labor costs and overhead. Moreover, representatives must invest significant time across many quotes to enter specifications, follow up with customers, and keep pricing updated. Automating allows reps to focus on qualified leads while a configurator handles much of the initial quoting workload. It streamlines the process to require fewer touches by reps.

Automate Sales Quotes to Reduce Overhead Costs

Administration and management are minimized with centralized quoting. Reduced manual labor translates into lower overhead costs. The efficiency of an automated configurator means less dollars spent on the quoting process. Your sales reps are then free to convert more leads into customers without ballooning overhead expenses.

4. Flexible Configurations Enable Personalized Quoting

On one hand, buyers often look for quotes tailored to their specific needs, on the other hand, manual quoting makes customization labor-intensive. Configurators empower self-service custom quotes with interactive product selection and configuration. Customers can easily choose from options to get quotes for the exact product specifications they want. The system removes manual restrictions to flexibly support quoting on any configuration.

Sales reps can also quickly modify quotes for greater customization when engaging customers. No longer limited to rigid quoting structures, configurators enable sending customized quotes aligned to each buyer’s preferences. Finally, this drives higher satisfaction and conversion by matching quotes to unique requirements.

5. Valuable Data and Insights from Automated Sales Quotes

Configurators provide a wealth of data by tracking how customers engage with the 3D digital content. As buyers interact with configuration options, the system logs their selections, reviews different configurations, and records quotes generated. Analyzing this data identifies which product features and options are most popular. Businesses gain valuable customer insights without manual surveys or feedback.

Data and Insights from Automated Sales Quotes

Knowing what configurations and features drive quotes enables optimizing both the product and sales messaging. The data also aids in forecasting demand and inventory requirements. Furthermore, usage metrics help quantify the tool’s impact on lead conversion. Tapping into the data from an automated configurator provides actionable insights to maximize sales.

6. Streamline Communication with Email Automation

Keeping buyers informed used to require sales reps to manually send quote emails and reminders. 3D Configurators automate these communications for you. The system can instantly email completed quotes and PDF summaries to the customers. For buyers needing assistance, reps get notifications to follow up. Email templates allow personalization without repetitive manual work. Configurators also enable automatic reminders to prospects about their saved quotes.

Email Automation

This automation frees up sales staff while keeping customers engaged. Customers get the information they need through their preferred channels when they need it. Automating communications maintains top-of-mind awareness and nurtures leads toward purchase. The efficiency also provides flexibility to focus rep time on qualified opportunities.


Automating quotes through an interactive 3D product configurator provides immense value to sales. It enables consistent and accurate quotes generated rapidly to lower costs and increase customization. The data further generates critical customer insights while email automation nurtures leads. With streamlined quoting management, sales reps focus on advancing opportunities instead of manual work.

The improved efficiency, flexibility, and analytics empower businesses to drive higher conversion rates. By implementing a solution to automate sales quotes with a 3D configurator, companies can accelerate growth through technologically advanced and strategic quoting.

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